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Women in Supply Chain Feature: Chelsey Reynolds on Embracing Growth and Empowering Women in Supply Chain

We are proud to share that our very own Chelsey Reynolds, VP of Revenue at Envase Technologies, was recently featured in the Women in Supply Chain™ blog series. At Envase, we are committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in the supply chain landscape, and along with our #SheDrays initiative, we take pride in supporting initiatives that recognize and celebrate the achievements of women in our industry. We’d like to thank Let’s Talk Supply Chain and Naomi Sylvian, the editor of the Women in Supply Chain™ blog series, for their dedication to empowering women in supply chain and closing the gender gap in the industry.

In an industry that continues to face ongoing talent and labor shortages, addressing the diversity gap in logistics and supply chain becomes even more critical. Research has shown that organizations that prioritize gender inclusion and promote the advancement of female professionals reap significant benefits. They lead their industries in customer satisfaction scores, report higher levels of innovation, enjoy greater revenue growth, and achieve higher profits. By creating meaningful dialogues and providing visibility to newcomers, especially women, the Women in Supply Chain™ blog series plays a pivotal role in shaping supply chain into a more equitable and dynamic industry.

At Envase, we know first-hand the impact that Chelsey has on our team and in the supply chain community. She is truly a champion for women in transportation, and was recently named one of Women in Trucking’s Top Women to Watch for 2023. Chelsey is an incredible leader, and always thinks outside of the box to find new ways to positively impact our team, our customers, our company, and our community. One example being #SheDrays, Envase’s DEI initiative that she spearheaded and brought to life. Created to bring visibility, community, and recognition to women in drayage, #SheDrays is propelled by a partnership between Envase and the Harbor Trucking Association that works to drive meaningful change and empower women.

We are thrilled that Let’s Talk Supply Chain chose to highlight Chelsey in their blog series this month. She shared her experiences, highlighted the significance of mentors, discussed her growth as a female leader in a male-dominated field, and provided advice for women advocating for themselves and others in supply chain. Here we’ll dive into some of the highlights from the feature, and we encourage everyone to read Chelsey’s full story on the Women in Supply Chain™ blog and join us in celebrating her achievements as she paves the way for a more diverse and vibrant supply chain community.

Chelsey Reynolds: Atomic Habits and Jumping into Supply Chain

Finding Her Path

Chelsey’s professional career began with a series of diverse experiences in various industries. Through trial and error, she began her supply chain journey by discovering her passion and skill in sales, and joining a startup focused on solving the truck parking crisis. If you’re familiar with SecurSpace, then you know how the story goes *wink* — SecurSpace was acquired by Envase — which is where Chelsey’s story meets ours. Jumping into drayage and our rapidly growing company headfirst, she helped transform Envase from 9 companies into one powerful brand, and carved out a unique role within our organization, overseeing Marketing, New Business Sales, and Customer Success.

“Over the last two and a half years, I gave myself some grace and learned as I went. My passion for growth helped me design the role I am in today.”

– Chelsey Reynolds

The Power of Mentors

Mentors played a crucial role in Chelsey’s career growth. Through programs like SCORE Mentors, she sought guidance from experienced professionals who helped her navigate the challenges she faced. By actively seeking male mentors, she aimed to overcome any gender-related complexities and enhance her communication and leadership skills.

“I learned how to present ideas and strategies (to bosses who weren’t expecting them) in a variety of ways. That was tremendously instrumental as I started working across multiple departments.”

Being a Woman in a Male-Dominated Industry

Despite many experiences in male-dominated environments, like being the only woman on a team in past jobs, and wrestling on the boys team in high school, Chelsey still struggled when she first stepped into supply chain. However, she emphasized the importance of personal growth and challenging the negative narratives in her mind. By embracing Don Miguel Ruiz’s four agreements of being impeccable with her word, not taking things personally, avoiding assumptions, and always doing her best, she gradually reshaped her mindset.

Discovering Her Voice and Personal Growth

For Chelsey, finding her voice in supply chain is an ongoing process. It’s about moving through struggles and self-doubt to a place of confidence and self-assurance. By implementing atomic habits and practicing self-kindness, she takes an active effort to reframe what used to be negative thought patterns into positive and healthier ones, and continues to become a better friend to herself.

Admiration for Industry Leaders

Chelsey expressed admiration for individuals who demonstrate exceptional dedication and care in their work. She commended Danny from Harbor Division for his hard work, dedication to his team and customers, and genuine care. At Envase, Chelsey pointed to Jessica Whitehouse as a rising star for her extensive industry knowledge, energy, and commitment to motivating her team and helping others grow by sharing her expertise openly.

Chelsey’s Advice for Women in Supply Chain

When it comes to advocating for yourself and others, Chelsey emphasized the importance of kindness, curiosity, and continuous growth. The sentiment of her advice — the oxygen mask principle. You must take care of yourself first before you can take care of others. She also noted the importance of taking initiative to work things out, rather than giving up. If the situation isn’t right, before calling it quits, see what you can do to change the situation into one that works for you.

“Be kind. To yourself first, then others. Be curious and ask questions. It’s OK not to have everything figured out now, or ever. We all keep growing and changing.”

Learn, Grow, and Create Positive Impact

Reflecting on her journey, Chelsey emphasized the value of hustle, genuine investment in one’s work, and the ability to say no to tasks that don’t align with personal goals. She shared her enthusiasm for continuous learning, building processes, and tools, and embracing failure as a stepping stone to success. Her future goals include making a positive impact on the industry, fostering valuable relationships, and playing a role in attracting more individuals to supply chain and mentoring them on their journey.

Closing Thoughts

Chelsey’s journey in supply chain exemplifies the power of resilience, mentorship, and self-growth. We, as her team, know first-hand that her experiences and advice serve as a guiding light for women aspiring to excel in male-dominated fields. We’re a proud bunch, and seeing Chelsey recognized as a trailblazer in our industry has us bursting at the seams.

Thank you again to Let’s Talk Supply Chain and Naomi Sylvian for your powerful work with Women in Supply Chain™ and for this feature.

And thank you to Chelsey, for being as absolutely phenomenal leader, teammate, and friend to all of us. Envase wouldn’t be the same without ya 🙂

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