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You can have access to information – but you need the tools, processes, and the ability easily analyze it to turn that information into actionable intelligence. If you’re tired of relying on spreadsheets, screens upon screens of data, and your ‘gut’ to make the important decisions that will take your intermodal and drayage business to the next level, the Envase BI business intelligence solution may be your answer.

Envase BI pulls data directly from your Compcare, GTG, or Profit Tools TMS to provide you with fully customizable dashboards on:

  • Business health
  • Customer activity
  • Lane analysis
  • Shipment details
  • and more!

Leverages your data

The Envase BI business intelligence platform pulls data directly from your existing TMS.

Over 25 preset dashboards

Get going right away with over 25 preset business intelligence dashboards.

Customer Portal

Fully customizable

Customize reports to get at the data YOUR intermodal and drayage business needs.

Discover and share insights faster

Set up daily, weekly, or monthly reports to be waiting in your email box to review and share.

Automate Invoices and Payments

Monthly subscription

No big upfront costs. Subscribe and get started.

Actionable business intelligence

Stop going through spreadsheets upon spreadsheets or relying on your 'gut' when making important business decisions.

From Data to Insights

Understand the health of your business and operations without combing through tons of spreadsheets… and drill into the details in a single click.

Dynamic Reporting

Add filters, change timelines, and find the right data to help you continue to evolve.

25+ Customizable Dashboards

Including business health, customer activity, lane analysis, shipment details, driver revenue and performance, chassis activity, revenue breakdowns, empty containers, and many more.

Latest TMS Data

Envase BI pulls the latest data directly from your Profit Tools or Compcare TMS so your decisions are informed by the most current data you have.

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