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Pacella Delivers With New Automated Rate Platform

“When I saw how DrayMaster worked, I thought it was a great idea. We could have all of our rates in one spot and everyone on our team could have access to them."

Chicago-based Pacella Trucking has been in the intermodal drayage trucking industry for more than 30 years. With a fleet of over 200 trucks dedicated to the Chicagoland area and surrounding states, as well as experienced office personnel, the company has built trust and confidence as a long-term intermodal partner. Its excellent record of on-time service and making rail cut-offs has built a reputation of offering the best quality intermodal trucking services in the region.


Pacella Trucking tracked all of its rates on paper, which was inefficient to manage and prone to human error. “We had tons of paper with all of the rates on it,” said Tony Pacella, CEO of Pacella Trucking. “If we wanted to make a change, we had to print out all of the paper again, so it wasn’t easy to manage.” An industry colleague recommended that Pacella look into DrayMaster, an automated rate management platform that could transform and improve the company’s rate quote process.


The DrayMaster rate management platform is unlike anything else on the market. It gives truckers, brokers, 3PLs, and freight forwarders a single source for managing rate complexities of intermodal drayage moves. With up-to-the-minute quotes that include current fuel and accessorial charges, DrayMaster customers have an instant snapshot of their network. Trucking partners can respond faster to potential customers and offer detailed rates in a trusted and secure environment. “When I saw how DrayMaster worked, I thought it was a great idea,” recalled Pacella. “We could have all of our rates in one spot and everyone on our team could have access to them. It would be really easy to change rates and everyone would have updated, accurate information.”


From start to finish, the rate quote process has become faster, easier and more accurate for Pacella Trucking. They now build rates faster, more accurately and deliver better customer service by leveraging DrayMaster’s single source platform for managing the complexities of their intermodal drayage moves.

Best of all Pacella Trucking can:

  • Build rates for thousands of destinations in seconds
  • Deliver more accurate rate quotes
  • Get rates to customers faster

One source for all rates 

With DrayMaster, Pacella’s team doesn’t need to spend time calculating point-to-point mileage. “DrayMaster has all of the destinations, so everything thing is just right there and so easy,” he said. 

The DrayMaster Bid Tool 

DrayMaster’s Bid Tool enables trucking customers to quickly build rates for multiple-destination RFPs, saving them an enormous amount of time and ensuring better accuracy for the quote. Pacella explained, “If I get a bid and there’s a 1,000 destinations, I don’t need to look up all 1,000 anymore. DrayMaster can match them up with my rates in seconds. Before DrayMaster, I had to do all those rates individually on the computer, and that was not fun.”

Managing changing toll charges 

“Tolls used to be a big challenge because they kept changing around here,” explained Pacella. “With DrayMaster, we can pull out what the current toll costs are. That’s a great feature because it helps us quote our customers more accurately.” 


Pacella and his team leverage the mobility of DrayMaster, using it on desktop computers or on mobile devices outside of the office. No matter where a DrayMaster user is, he or she can pull a rate and send it. As a result, Pacella Trucking’s customers get a seamless service that puts accurate rates in their hands, fast. 

From implementation to support, the DrayMaster team has been in a lock-step partnership with Pacella Trucking. “Everyone is helpful and very responsive,” said Pacella. “If there’s ever a problem, the DrayMaster team is easy to get a hold of and they have been great to work with.”

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