Envase Order AI

Wondering how you can increase your team’s efficiency every day? Order AI learns your systems and your customers and offers incremental efficiency tweaks over time, automating the drudgery and de-stressing your team.

What Is Order AI?
Envase built Order AI to help customers get orders dispatch-ready quickly and easily. Order AI connects to your Envase drayage TMS.
Streamline Your Order Entry
Process Automation
Streamlined work order intake into a time-saving flow.
Error reduction
Complete data capture and identification of anomalies.
Industry specific
Tailored to intermodal drayage.
TMS Sync
Full sync with your TMS to display shipments, events, and legs dispatch-ready.
Continuous learning
Ongoing adaptation of new & changing work order input.
Workforce optimization
Flexibility to refocus workforce to higher priority tasks.
OrderAI Decreases Your Team’s Stress Level
You and your employees will be able to spend more time where it matters. Here’s how the process works:
  • Work orders are received by Envase Order AI via email, file or manual entry.

  • Order details are extracted, corrected and normalized.

  • Modifications are learned and integrated into processing engine.

  • Business rules, including order type, location, and customer-specific variations, are applied.

  • Input is reviewed and approved.

  • Data transferred in dispatch-ready form to TMS

See for yourself: Watch a demo
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What is Machine Learning and AI?
The future is here. New technologies help computer programs get smarter over time. Heard of how computers can beat humans at chess by watching past games? Order AI is like that!
Learning Phase
Order AI watches how your team edits scanned documents and over time improves performance. It learns which fields on your orders get mapped to which fields in your TMS.
Automations Phase
The system provides iterative improvements as it learns how you work, automating all those mundane tasks to keep your employees focused on the most important parts of their job.
Continuous Improvement
Not good enough? You can train Order AI by leaving notes and making edits. The system will integrate your manual edits into its automations.
Empower your team today with Order AI and see efficiency increase and stress decrease.

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