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When You’re Hustling for Business, it Pays to be Smart About it

Hustling culture

Make better deals faster with data in the palm of your hand.

Picture this, you’re chatting with a potential new client. Maybe it’s something informal like a backyard barbecue or an official “business meeting”, but you’re talking about how your company could help them with their intermodal transport needs.

You talk about your fleet of trucks. You describe the areas you cover. Your unbeatable on time performance. Everything that makes you the right trucking partner for them.

Then comes the big question: “This sounds great, I have a shipment coming in on Wednesday, could you handle it? And how much would it cost?”

In the past you’d probably answer like this:

“Let me call you tomorrow from the office. I need to check on what trucks I have available and I can give you a quote then.”


“Of course I can do it!” And (scribbling on whatever paper is handy) you rough out an estimate.

The first answer loses the momentum of the deal. What if there is a crisis at the office tomorrow? Or you’re already booked in meetings until lunch? Do you have to talk to one of your other employees to see if you can do the job and run an estimate?

Lost time means lost opportunities. You might not get back to this potential new customer until the afternoon—or later—and they might have someone else to do the job. “Oh sorry, I needed to get this booked right away, I found someone already. I’ll call you next time.”In the second answer you might be completely wrong. You might not have a truck available that day. You might have underbid on the estimate because you miscalculated or forgot to ask an important (and costly) detail. But now you’re stuck with that estimate and you’re going to make less money, or worse, lose money on.

Now Imagine with Envase

Same situation, same conversation, but now as an Envase customer you have everything you need on your laptop or your phone to give this answer:

“Okay, let me open Envase and see what I can do. Yep, I have trucks available that day. Okay tell me about the shipment? Right, got it. Here’s a quote, let me email it to you now. You can agree electronically and we’ll confirm all the details tomorrow.”

That’s smart hustling. With Envase you always know your capacity. You can generate quotes that make sure you cover all the bases. You can see immediately how much you’ll make from the run, so if you want to offer a first time customer discount, there’s no guesswork.

Envase Puts Your Business at Your Fingertips

When you want to get business done you need accurate information at your fingertips. When you need to make a decision, you need answers. When your best client calls fuming that a shipment is late, and you’re not right at your desk, how are you going to answer?

Could you look up any shipment and know where it is?

Could you tell your client there is a backlog at the port and all the trucks are late leaving because you can see exactly where a truck is?

Or could you tell your client, the driver logged and delivered the shipment as promised and send a log with locations and time?

Think of the time you save running around asking people in the office for status updates, when you can see right for yourself what’s going on in real time.

This is the Power of Envase

Envase gives you all the tools you need to hustle more business and keep the business you have with powerful TMS tools designed just for the intermodal drayage business.

Get up to the minute updates on everything in your business. Know when everything is going smoothly, and when there is a crisis brewing. Nip issues in the bud proactively, keeping your clients in the loop with unexpected delays or issues.

In business there are two things that will make or break you. Cultivating relationships and having the right data to make decisions. We can’t help you with the first part, but we’ve got your back on the data.

Get in touch with us so we can show you how Envase will grow your business.

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