Jim Hickman - President

Jim Hickman

With 31 years in the intermodal freight transport industry, President Jim Hickman’s leadership approach is based on building strong, committed teams. With the immense responsibility to consistently deliver mission-critical frameworks upon which multinational companies depend, Hickman leads through sincere, integrity-driven relationships. Formerly the President, CEO, and Owner of Compcare Services, having worked his way up from a telemarketing position, Hickman understands that creating trust both within his global teams and his customer networks is crucial to success. From his work at Envase Technologies’ offices in India, to Romania, to the company’s home base in the United States, Hickman has always taken a consultative approach with each opportunity. Producing best-in-class tools, his teams have delivered explosive growth, implementing strategies that drive scalability and efficiency for his clients. Hickman is thrilled to lead a collaborative, ground-breaking company in bringing Envase Technologies’ leading-edge supply chain technology solutions to the market.

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