Chris Zimmerman - CIO

Chris Zimmerman

With over 30 years of successful experience in Information Technology, contributing to progressive advancements in net margin performance and operational efficiency, CIO Chris Zimmerman delivers solutions for intermodal, drayage, brokerage, and transportation management systems. Formerly President and CEO for GTG Technology Group, Zimmerman is a world-class leader in the creation of cloud-based SaaS technologies for the intermodal freight transport industry that include accounting, EDI and image management. With a multi-dimensional management capability, and an ability to attract and keep top talent on his teams, Zimmerman leads the development of technical products and services, enterprise-level systems, and the management of technology projects to accomplish specific client business objectives. His knowledge incorporates not only business solution generation, but an understanding of the impact of Envase Technologies’ tools and their high-efficiency standards on his clients’ brand awareness and business success.

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